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7 Tips on Lowering Your Pet Care Costs


We wouldn’t be the same without our pets; our furry friends will always give us unconditional love and companionship, and it is our duty to take care of them as best we can. Offering the best to your pets doesn’t have to be expensive as there are plenty of ways to save on food, medical costs, toys and other products they need without compromising their well being.

We have put together a list of seven tips on lowering your pet care costs, and we promise that your furry companion will never know the difference.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

For pets, as for human, poor nutrition can be the root of many health problems. If possible, avoid buying cheaper pet food, especially if the quality is not the best. However, remember that it is not only about the price, as something that is expensive is not necessarily healthier.

When shopping for pet food, always look at the ingredients and make sure the brand has a lot of nutrients. If you’ve found a great brand that is a bit out of your price range, try to find a coupon or buy in bulk for a better price.

Finally, make sure you know what your pet can and cannot eat. Here is a list of foods that your dog can eat and one for your cat. Make sure you read through them and avoid feeding your pet anything that they are allergic to. Health problems caused by bad nutrition will cost a lot of money, and it is cheaper to prevent than treat that.

Oral Hygiene Is Very Important

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is very important for preventing expensive dental procedures. Make it a habit to brush your pet’s teeth nightly as you brush your own. Another good way to take care of your pet’s teeth is to purchase raw bones for dogs and dental chews to help them get that plaque off. The more time you put into cleaning your pet’s mouth, the less you will have to pay a vet to do it.

Choose an Affordable Veterinary Clinic

It pays to look around for when searching for a vet. The one closest to your home is not always the most affordable. Also, remember not to judge a book by its cover—iif a vet clinic charges less, it doesn’t mean it offers worse services. Check reviews to make sure the vet is professional and knows what they’re doing.

If you live near a university, make sure to check and see if they have veterinary programs, which may offer affordable checkups and vaccines. Don’t skip the annual check-up, the vet can diagnose a potential problem earlier and treat it easier, saving you money.

For vitamins and medication, your pet needs to stay healthy, make the Internet your best friend. Websites such as Best Vet Care offer better-priced options than what you’d find in most vet clinics, plus it saves you a trip to the store, which is a savings on gas.

Improvise with Toys and Dog Supplies

Your dog or cat will not know the difference between a $5 or $50 toy. If you are on a budget, there’s no good reason to splurge on toys that your pet may not even be interested in.

Keeping your pets entertained doesn’t have to cost a dime if you get creative and improvise. A laser pointer or a string can make a great toy for a cat. Dogs will always love to chew on your shoes so why not throw an old pair at em, or throw around an old tennis ball?

As for expensive beds, a blanket that you have laying around will make a comfortable bed for your dog. Remember that expensive toys will never replace your care and attention, as that is what your pets need the most.

Groom Your Pets at Home

Taking your pets to a professional groomer can be very expensive, and that money can be better spent buying them high-quality and nutrient-rich food. Instead, groom your pet at home or with the help of a friend. Plus, grooming your dog or cat can help you bond more!

Spay/Neuter Your Pets

Spay or neuter your pets as soon as it is recommended; if you don’t, you may end up with a whole family to take care of. If one pet is hard work, imagine taking care of its puppies too! Apart from this, spaying/neutering your pets will prevent long-term medical issues.

Save the Money You’d Spend on Pet Insurance

If you have a breed that is vulnerable to health issues, investing into a pet insurance policy may seem wise. However, keep in mind that insurance agencies will charge more for breeds that are likelier to have long-term health issues.

In many cases, it is better to put the money you’d pay on premiums in a bank or savings account with a good interest rate. The trick is to use the funds only for medical emergencies and not spend it on something else; however, with just a little financial discipline you will not have to worry about expensive pet insurance premiums.

No matter how you choose to save money on your pets, remember to not sacrifice on their well being. Veterinary checkups are a must, and good nutrition will actually prevent high medical expenses. Taking care of your pet’s health is not only cheaper, but it will also make your pet happier and live longer.

We hope you enjoyed our list of tips on lowering pet care costs. If you have any other tips or pictures of your pet, do not hesitate to share in the comments section below.

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